Concepts of NCR Management

Understand the concepts of Non-Conformance Management

Non-Conformance management can seem to be very complex, and it is true that there are many different unique terms and expressions; the IT system tools are often not very intuitive; there are sometimes many different companies involved, and it DOES matter how the systems are structured. The amounts of money involved are eye-watering, and so are the losses if it goes badly...
BUT it all comes down to people talking, and clearly documenting what non-conformances have been discovered, and what process has been carried out to verify that the non-conformance is acceptable, or that mitigating actions have been performed - or that the non-conforming product could not be accepted .

WHAT is Non-Conformance Management?

WHY do we need to manage Non-Conformance?

WHEN should we worry about Non-Conformance?

HOW should we manage Non-Conformance?