Concepts of Non-Conformance Management

What is Non-Conformance Management?

Non-conformity management is a project management process - closely related to Quality management - that keeps control over the conformity, and fit-for purpose of the equipment, product, or software that is the output relevant to a particular industry.
It uses procedures, factory acceptance tests, audits and other methods to check that the product conforms to the technical requirements. It documents non-conformities in a NCR register when they are found, and makes a decision as to the disposition of nonconforming product - what will be done with it.

Having effective control and long-term documentation of this process is essential.
In the case of large engineering projects, and non-conformance needs to be known and clearly documented before commissioning, and the start of operation of the facility.

Although most of the principles are fairly straight-forward, the details are complex, and a thorough, deep understanding of the project, the contracts, and the quality plan is required.

Depending on the project, the Non-Conformance (NCR) manager role might be focussed on quality management, project management, or engineering/construction management.