NCR Management Terms

Definition of NCR Register

An NCR Register is a formal list of NonConformance Reports (NCRs) and other Deviations that represent some non-conformity to requirements.
The NCR register is often contained within a customised software system. There are several vendors offering these IT system tools. They vary by quality and sophistication, and are usually configurable to match the processes of the client, rather than having to follow a one-size-fits-all system that may not match the client's process.

As there can potentially be many hundreds of records in the NCR register, it is important that it is easy to find, and sort, the records for the needs of different users, at different phases of the project.
This sorting may be based on date, supplier or contractor, equipment area, technical discipline, or any number of other parameters.
The parameters may also vary depending on how some or all of the non-conformities might need to be transferred into systems used during the operational phase of the facility.

Make sure that your register is fit for YOUR purposes!