NCR Management Terms

Definition of Commissioning

Commissioning is a process during the execution of a project that checks and tests all parts of the facility to ensure that it has been designed, constructed, installed, tested, and brought into operation in a safe and effective manner.
The commissioning team is usually central to verifying that the facilities are Mechanically Complete (MC) and then test and bring the facility into operation for the first time.

It is relevant to non-conformance management because the commissioning team need to know about all Non-Conformities and other approved deviations from requirements.
Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT) and other checks during commissioning need to ensure that all non-conformances are identified, and resolved.

If the commisioning team discover a non-conformance that does not seem to have been identified and resolved - by review and disposition - then the commissioning and start-up into operation may be delayed.