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Change Management - in projects

Change Management means many things to many people.
In the context of large engineering projects, it is a project management process to control how decisions are made as to whether - or how - a change to the scope of work (SOW) of a contractor should be implemented, to ensure that the consequences - in terms of cost, schedule, quality, HSE, etc are fully understood and considered.

Project Change Management is closely related to the interface management process because a change to the scope of work of one contractor could lead to interface issues - or further changes - with another contractor. Conversely, interface issues raised can lead to change proposals at one or both contractors.

It is not unusual in handling the interface between two contractors that a potential non-conformity by one contractor could be handled by a change in scope of the other contractor. The three - quite separate - project management processes often interrelate, and a close cooperation between the resources working on these processes is essential. In some projects they form one unified team.

Refer to ProjectChangeManagement.Org for more information about Project Change Management.