NCR Management Terms

Definition of Punch Item / Punch List

During the commissioning phase of a project, including Factory Acceptance Tests (FAT) and other elements of Mechanical Completion (MC), the commissioning team keep a record of punch items, in a punch list.
These punch items will include any non-conformances found, and also other relevant issues.

It is important to realise that the punch list used by the commissioning team is separate from the main NCR register
The focus for the commissioning team is relatively short-term - up to the end of start-up of operations, by which time all the items on the punch list should be resolved. The punch list may not be documented in the long term.

The main NCR register may well include NonConformities that need to be taken into account for the full lifetime of the asset, which could be 50 years or more. They need to be reviewed by the operations team, and possibly taken into the maintenence program, or other operational process or documentation.

Note the difference between the punch list and main NCR register, explained above.