NCR Management Terms

Definition of Interface Management

Interface Management is a critical project management process that is handled well in some industries and geographical areas - and badly or not at all in other industries and areas.
It is about communication, and “Making sure that nothing gets lost in the middle”.

An interface exists between any two (or more)
- Companies, projects or teams;
- plants or equipment;
- or anything
where there is a connection (which may be functional, or physical, or contractual).

Effective handling of interfaces - especially between multiple contractors during the execution phase of a project, who probably have no direct contractual relationship with each other - is critical to the success of the project.
Interface management has a close relationship to NCR management, which is why it is referred to here.

It is not unusual in handling the interface between two contractors that a potential non-conformity by one contractor could be handled by a change in scope of the other contractor. The three - quite separate - project management processes often interrelate, and a close cooperation between the resources working on these processes is essential. In some projects they form one unified team.

You can find out much more about interface management at our sister non-commercial site InterfaceManagement.Org